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GPS- Finding your way in Conflict was founded in 2009 by Ganit Poleg-Spark. During this time GPS has had the privilege of supporting and empowering many individuals and organisations going through their change journeys. 

For each client, we have designed a different pathway based on their unique challenges and offered a rich and innovative toolbox to guide them. 

GPS has also created strong professional bonds with international experts, consultancy groups as well as academic institutions, co-delivering cutting-edge methodologies for leadership, negotiation, decision-making, resilience, change management, conflict and crisis management, mediation, listening, and others to our clients.



Ganit poleg spark

Ganit Poleg-Spark (LLB, M.A.), managing director and principal consultant, has significant international experience as a consultant and executive coach helping individuals and organisations navigate in times of tough negotiations, change, conflict, and crisis situations.

Expert in Positioning in Negotiation - helping leaders find their place and lead with courage. Her work covers a wide range of institutional settings, including IT corporations, start-ups, NGOs, government departments including the Israeli Defence Forces, and Israeli-Palestinian negotiation groups.

Ganit has also worked in a variety of academic settings, as an internal and external consultant, including Curtin University and Murdoch University in Australia, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv University, University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, and others.

Ganit is a senior lecturer and the academic advisor for Shakla & Tariya, a global knowledge centre for Negotiation Specialists. Shakla & Tariya’s Team of professional experts, trainers, facilitators, and coaches come from different backgrounds and disciplines, and they speak many languages. This long-term collaboration allows GPS and Shakla & Tariya to provide creative and customised solutions to a wide range of customers all over the world.


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Our approach to learning is experiential. We provide opportunities for you and your people to experience conflict in a safe lab environment – from day-to-day interaction to high-level crisis. With our guidance and support, you will learn and explore various ways to address it until you can design your process and system. Our GPS Lab is a combination of face-to-face and online interactive experiences. Our added value is our experienced Lab facilitators that enhance a sense of safety while getting you outside of your comfort zone. Their presence, facilitation skills, and insightful observations are what allow participants to grow.

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency” (Arnold H. Glasow)

Which organisations come to GPS Lab?

  • Organisations that are experiencing a crisis (sudden change)

  • Teams who are experiencing escalated conflict

  • Teams who would like to improve their decision-making and collaboration

  • Executives who want to bring change with minimum resistance

  • New leaders who are seeking guidance to find their place and increase their influence

  • Organisations that would like to upskill their managers in leading difficult conversations

  • People going through career transition, relocation, and immigration

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Tel.  +61 455 921127


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