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We offer GPS Lab - a space designed for customized experiential learning.

The GPS Lab is all about growing awareness, knowledge, capabilities and confidence in dealing with adversity and conflict.


GPS NAP (Needs Analysis Process)

A structured discovery process that allows leaders and organisations to identify, acknowledge, and agree on the underlying issues and needs that are standing in the way of change, innovation, and high performance. The NAP includes interviews, listening circles, group meetings, and many more opportunities to gather real data from stakeholders. The purpose of the NAP is to inform people, give them a 'voice', inspire them to be part of designing the solutions, and take ownership of their application.


Leadership coaching is a 'one on one' strategic process designed to support leaders in growing awareness, knowledge, capabilities and confidence to manage conflict, change, and crisis situations using collaborative and inclusive ways. 

Leaders at all levels ask for coaching as part of their leadership development journeys or turn to a leadership coach to assist in a particular challenge or crisis ad hoc.

The process for leadership coaching consists of Personal Needs Analysis, strategic planning, design of a customised learning process, and a series of ‘one on one’ coaching sessions to provide opportunities to learn and practice.

Leadership Coaching


Lab Interactive Workshops 

The Lab is a space designed for customised experiential learning and provides an opportunity to learn, master, and apply these skills in dealing with diversity, adversity, and conflict. The first part of GPS Lab consists of learning your current strategies for harnessing diversity and managing conflict and how they serve you or stand in your way. Then we offer multiple methodologies and enhance leaders’ ‘toolbox’ through interactive workshops. Small bites of required learning to navigate through change and conflict from Diversity to Emergency. The GPS Lab facilitators will provide a safe space to experiment together with gradually challenging participants outside of their comfort zone and into their growth zone. Following the workshops, we offer the ‘GPS Gym’- a monthly online Lab meetup to practice the skills and apply them to everyday challenges.

Deep listening is an essential capability for creating inclusive environments and transforming conflicts into learning opportunities, positive energy, and growth. Listening circles are a unique way to learn and practice advanced listening skills, encourage trust and connection as well as inclusively make decisions.

The key difference between a listening circle and any other meeting is that in the circle there is no hierarchy, we don’t share thoughts, ideas, or opinions, we share stories. The magic of the circle appears when these stories weave into each other and reveal a greater wisdom, encouraging participants to communicate in ways that lead to a heightened sense of shared purpose.

Listening Circles for Teams

Conflict Management Systems Design

Conflict management systems (CMS) consultancy observes the way conflict is being managed in the organisation from a systemic view. There are multiple pathways (internal and external) for the energy of conflict to flow in the system and for pressure to be released, so that it generates a positive impact rather than disruption and harm. Consultancy for the design of CMS includes an organisational NAP, analysis of organisational culture, and establishment of internal processes for improved communications, leadership development, external support mechanisms, and more.

CMS Design

Crisis Management Support  

There is one overarching rule for managing a crisis - Don't do it alone.

We offer professional support to help you stabilise the situation, regain composure and design a pathway for de-escalation and risk mitigation. Once leaders get the situation “under control”, the next steps are conducting personal and group reflections and designing plans for recovery and growth.

CM Support

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