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Hi, GPS is striving to provide a positive user experience on the site for the general public. Therefore we made an effort to make this site accessible to all including a plug-in to facilitate browsing.

If you encounter an accessibility problem, please let us know by email: and we will work to fix it immediately!

  • Support for all standard browsers (such as Chrome, Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Mozilla).

  • The site's contents were written in clear language and easy to read fonts were used

  • Site structures are made up of headings, paragraphs and lists

  • Navigating the site is simple and convenient and includes available and clear menus

  • The links on the site are clear and provide an explanation regarding their destination after clicking on

  • Links are provided to allow skipping directly to the content

  • Textual description for images and icons for supporting technologies

  • Adapting the site to working environments with different resolutions (responsive)

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