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In a diverse, rapidly changing world impacted by technology and global movement,

human connection and communication are becoming more complicated and conflicts are inevitable.

Conflict is not good or bad, conflict is a Spark, an energy generated in interaction, and it is how we manage

this ‘Spark’ that will determine if the outcomes are 'good or bad'.

Harnessing the 'Spark' of diversity and conflict, will enhance understanding, trust and innovation and above all will save valuable resources.

Working with others is not a linear process but rather an ongoing dance of trying ‘to get it right’

Each step forward helps us grow. Each step backward helps us grow even more. 

Within this experiential learning process, Conflict is our greatest teacher.


Lead through change with courage and clarity


  • Prevention of conflict escalation into a costly crisis saving valuable resources

  • Psychologically safe & productive work environments affecting the bottom-line

  • Well-being, engagement, and retention of talent

  • Greater innovation 

  • Strong business relationships based on trust

  • Faster shifts through change with minimum resistance​

At GPS, we believe that with heightened awareness, knowledge, capabilities, and confidence in harnessing diversity & managing conflict come great and measurable benefits such as:

​After 20+ years of experience, WE KNOW that people find courage and confidence in managing conflict, through a gradual customised experimentation process, in a safe learning environment, led by dedicated value-based professionals. 

Once leaders step into a space where they welcome diversity and find their way in conflict, individuals and teams outperform and organisations thrive


We offer GPS Lab – a space designed for customised experiential learning. GPS Lab is about growing awareness, knowledge, capabilities, and confidence in dealing with diversity, adversity, and conflict.

Our Solutions include:

Needs Analysis Process 

Interactive Workshops

The highlight of my one-year study of the art of negotiation at Shakla and Taryia was ‘Your Place at the Table’, a workshop developed and conducted by Ganit Poleg Spark. Ganit’s workshop allowed me to grasp the internal processes that lead to the development of self-positioning; these processes constitute the first steps toward our immediate and distant goals—from preparing for job interviews to leading multicultural research in several countries. Ganit taught the group with sensitivity, exposed us to listening council, and then prepared us for the internal negotiation we would conduct with ourselves. We practiced storytelling, active listening, and implementing these tools around each table, which we join as equals.

Prof. Simona Bar-Haim, Ben Gurion University.

Founder and head of Negev Lab, and Founder of the Middle East Stepping Forward Consortium


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Tel.  +61 455 921127


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